Complete list of A1 grammar contents

This is a list of all the grammar topics covered in level A1. But if you want to learn A1 grammar, we recommend studying the topics in the order that they appear in: Grammar points » A1 Grammar lessons and exercises.

Present tenses

A1 Present simple forms of ‘to be’ – am/is/are
A1 Present simple – I do, I don’t, Do I?
A1 Present continuous – I’m doing, I’m not doing, Are you doing?
A1 Present simple or present continuous?
A1 have got

Past tenses

A1 was/were – past simple of ‘be’
A1 Past simple – regular/irregular verbs
A1 Past simple – negatives and questions


A1 ‘will’ and ‘shall’ – Future
A1 be going to – plans and predictions

Modals, the imperative, etc .

A1 can, can’t – ability, possibility, permission
A1 The imperative – Sit down! Don’t talk!
A1 Would you like…? I’d like…

-ing and the infinitive

A1 Verbs + to + infinitive and verbs + -ing

Articles, nouns, pronouns, and determiners.

A1 a/an, plurals – singular and plural forms
A1 a/an, the, no article – the use of articles in English
A1 this, that, these, those
A1 Possessive adjectives and subject pronouns (I/my, you/your, etc.)
A1 Object pronouns vs subject pronouns – me or I, she or her?
A1 a, some, any – countable and uncountable nouns
A1 much, many, a lot of, a little, a few
A1 whose, possessive ‘s – Whose is this? It’s Mike’s

there and it

A1 there is, there are – there was, there were
A1 There or it

Adjectives and adverbs

A1 Adjectives – old, interesting, expensive, etc.
A1 Adverbs of manner (slowly) – or adjectives (slow)?
A1 Comparative adjectives – older than, more important than, etc.
A1 Superlative adjectives – the oldest, the most important, etc.


A1 Conjunctions: and, but, or, so, because


A1 at, in, on – prepositions of time
A1 at, in, on – prepositions of place
A1 next to, under, between, in front of, behind, over, etc.


A1 Questions – word order and question words

Word order

A1 Adverbs of frequency with present simple
A1 Basic word order in English