Exercise 1

Complete the sentences with this, that, these, those.

1 are my trousers.

2'Hi, Chris. is my friend Jona.' 'Hi, Jona. Nice to meet you.'

3Look at birds in the sky.

4'What are ?' 'They are my books.'

5Is hotel nice?

6Are your friends?

7Who is man over there?

8Isn't your friend Erik?

9Why are boxes here?

10 are my glasses.



this/these= here, that/those= there

This, that, these, those

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this, these

We use this and these for things that are here (near). This is singular and these is plural.

  • This is my new watch. 
  • These are my sisters Anna and Jenny. 


that, those

We use that and those for things that are there (not near). That is singular and those is plural.

  • That man is very strange. 
  • I need those boxes over there. 


With a noun or without a noun

We can use this, that, these, those with a noun (this box, that car, etc.) or without a noun.

  • This watch is very expensive. 
  • I like that woman in the park. 
  • Who is that(= that person)
  • ‘What are those?’ ‘They are old pictures.’


This is John (introductions and on the phone)

We use this is when we introduce people and on the telephone.

  • Hi, this is Tim. (Tim on the telephone)
  • Laura: ‘Hi, Sara. This is my friend Paul.’ Sara: ‘Hi, Paul. Nice to meet you.’