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  • This, that, these, those

    Exercise 3

    Transform singular sentences into plural sentences and plural sentences into singular sentences using this, that, these, those and other missing words.

    EXAMPLE: These are my books ⇒ This is my book.

    1 This is a flower ⇒ flowers.

    2 That is a box. ⇒ boxes.

    3 That is my father. ⇒ my parents.

    4 Are those your friends? ⇒ your friend?

    5 What are those things? ⇒ What thing?

    6 These documents are important. ⇒ important.

    7 Are these your shoes? ⇒ your shoe?

    8 That's a good car. ⇒ good cars.

    9 This is John. ⇒ John and Carla.

    10 These are cheap computers. ⇒ a cheap computer.


  • This/these= here, that/those= there

    This, that, these, those

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    This, these

    We use this and these for things that are here (near). This is singular and these is plural.

    • This is my new watch. 
    • These are my sisters Anna and Jenny. 


    That, those

    We use that and those for things that are there (not near). That is singular and those is plural.

    • That man is very strange. 
    • I need those boxes over there. 


    With a noun or without a noun

    We can use this, that, these, those with a noun (this box, that car, etc.) or without a noun.

    • This watch is very expensive. 
    • I like that woman in the park. 
    • Who is that(= that person)
    • ‘What are those?’ ‘They are old pictures.’


    This is John (introductions and on the phone)

    We use this is when we introduce people and on the telephone.

    • Hi, this is Tim. (Tim on the telephone)
    • Laura: ‘Hi, Sara. This is my friend Paul.’ Sara: ‘Hi, Paul. Nice to meet you.’


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