Exercise 1

Choose a/an for the following words.

1It's animal.

2I need new bed.

3It's useful machine.

4I'm waiter.

5Do you have umbrella?

6I'm English teacher.

7I need hat.

8Is she student?

9We have ugly duck.

10I need hour.



a/an, plurals – grammar chart

a/an, plurals – singular and plural forms

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We use a/an with singular nouns.

  • This is a table
  • It’s an orange

We use a with nouns beginning with a consonant, and we use an with nouns beginning with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u).

  • Give me an apple. 
  • There is an elephant in the zoo. 
  • It’s an amazing experience. 

We also use an with nouns beginning with h if the is not pronounced. But we use a if the is pronounced.

  • Give me an hour. (The is not pronounced in hour.)
  • I want to buy a hat. (The is pronounced in hat.)

We use a and NOT an with nouns beginning with when it is pronounced /ju:/, like university. 

  • Is there a university in this city? 
  • I wear a uniform. 


Plurals in English


a tables

We do NOT use a/an with plural nouns.

  • These are tables. (NOT a tables)


Regular plurals

We add -s to make plural nouns in English. Sometimes we need to add -es, -ies or –ves. Check the spelling in the grammar chart above.

Irregular plurals

Some words have irregular plurals and do NOT add -s to make their plural form.