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  • A/an, plurals – singular and plural forms

    Exercise 3

    Write a/an before the singular words and write the plural forms.

    EXAMPLE: An olive ⇒ olives

    1 bus ⇒

    2 nice family ⇒ nice

    3 Italian child ⇒ Italian

    4 strong tooth ⇒ strong

    5 nice dress ⇒ nice

    6 angry wife ⇒ angry

    7 uniform ⇒

    8 amazing website ⇒ amazing

    9 elephant ⇒

    10 empty library ⇒ empty


  • A/an, plurals – Grammar chart

    Comprehensive English grammar chart displaying rules for using articles 'a/an' and forming regular and irregular plurals with examples and spelling guidelines.

    Download full-size image from Pinterest


    We use a/an with singular nouns.

    • This is a table
    • It’s an orange

    We use a with nouns beginning with a consonant, and we use an with nouns beginning with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u).

    • Give me an apple. 
    • There is an elephant in the zoo. 
    • It’s an amazing experience. 

    We also use an with nouns beginning with h if the is not pronounced. But we use a if the is pronounced.

    • Give me an hour. (The is not pronounced in hour.)
    • I want to buy a hat. (The is pronounced in hat.)

    We use a and NOT an with nouns beginning with when it is pronounced /ju:/, like university. 

    • Is there a university in this city? 
    • I wear a uniform. 

    Plurals in English

    Do not use a + plural

    We do NOT use a/an with plural nouns.

    • These are tables. blank
    • These are a tables. blank

    Regular plurals

    We add -s to make plural nouns in English. Sometimes we need to add -es, -ies or –ves. Check the spelling in the grammar chart above.

    Irregular plurals

    Some words have irregular plurals and do NOT add -s to make their plural form.

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