Complete list of B2 grammar contents

This is a list of all the grammar topics covered in level A1. But if you want to learn B2 grammar, we recommend studying the topics in the order that they appear in: Grammar points » B2 Grammar lessons and exercises.

Past tenses

B2 Narrative tenses, used to, would


B2 Future forms – expressing future time
B2 Other ways to express future – be about to, be due to, etc.
B2 Future in the past

Modals, the imperative, etc .

B2 Modal verbs – permission, obligation, prohibition, necessity
B2 Speculation and deduction – modal verbs and expressions
B2 Verbs of the senses
B2 get – different meanings

Conditionals, if, wish, etc.

B2 All conditionals – mixed conditionals, alternatives to if, inversion
B2 Mixed conditionals – If I were you, I wouldn’t have done it
B2 Wish, rather, if only, it’s time – unreal uses of past tenses
B2 unless, even if, provided, as long as, etc. – other expressions in conditionals


B2 Distancing – expressions and passive of reporting verbs

-ing and the infinitive

B2 Verb + object + infinitive/gerund – verb patterns
B2 Gerunds and infinitives – complex forms

Articles, nouns, pronouns, and determiners.

B2 Reflexive and reciprocal pronouns
B2 Generic pronouns – common-gender pronouns
B2 Compound nouns and possessive forms

Relative clauses, relative pronouns and adverbs

B2 Relative clauses – defining and non-defining

there and it

B2 There and it – preparatory subjects

Auxiliary verbs

B2 have – auxiliary or main verb
B2 Ellipsis and substitution

Adjectives and adverbs

B2 Inversion with negative adverbials – adding emphasis

Conjunctions and clauses

B2 Clauses of contrast, purpose, reason and result
B2 Discourse markers – linking words
B2 Participle clauses

Word order

B2 Cleft sentences – adding emphasis