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  • Get – different meanings

    Exercise 1

    Match the two halves of the following sentences.

    1In the sales, I got a really good

    2They insulted him and he got

    3I don't get

    4Look at your car! You really need to get

    5What time are we going to get

    6It’s very late. We need to get

    7I’m thirsty. Please can you get

    8Something’s wrong with this CD. I can’t get

    9Yesterday I went to the police because I got

    10It's depressing. I didn't get


  • Get + direct object= obtain, receive, bring, buy, bring, catch


    • He always gets everything he wants. 
    • He got his driving license last week. 


    • I got a letter from John yesterday. 
    • She gets lots of presents from her fans.


    • We need to get a new computer. The old one is broken. 
    • Can you go to the shop to get some milk?


    • Can you get me a couple of glasses from the kitchen?
    • Can I get you a drink?


    • Do you think we’ll have time to get the 7.40 train?
    • I need to get the first flight to Seattle. 


    Get to + place = arrive, reach

    • He always gets home very late. 
    • We got to London in the 8 o’clock train. 
    • How long does it take you to get to work?


    Get + adjective/past participle= become

    Get + adjective

    • I’m getting old.
    • He gets angry very easily. 
    • You should go. It’s getting dark

    Get + past participle

    • It’s very late and they are nor here. I’m getting worried
    • He gets very tired after every concert. 
    • We got married last year. 


    Get in passive voice= be

    • I got caught by the police after jumping a red light. (=was caught)
    • She almost got killed by a drunk driver. (=was killed)
    • His articles are always getting criticised by the press. (=being criticised)


    Get something done= have something done

    • We are getting the house painted next week. 
    • You should get your tyres changed


    Get someone to do something= make, ask, persuade someone to do something

    • How can parents get their children to read more?
    • I don’t know how to get my partner to do more things around the house. 
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