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Complete list of B1+ grammar contents

This is a list of all the grammar topics covered in level B1+. But if you want to learn B1+ grammar, we recommend studying the topics in the order that they appear in: Grammar points » B1+ Grammar lessons and exercises.

Present tenses

B1+ Present perfect simple or continuous

Past tenses

B1+ Narrative tenses – all past tenses


B1+ Future continuous and future perfect

Verb tense reviews

B1+ Review of all verb tenses B1-B2

Modals, the imperative, etc .

B1+ Needn’t, don’t need to, didn’t need to, needn’t have
B1+ Past modal verbs of deduction
B1+ Likely, unlikely, bound, definitely, probably – probability
B1+ Used to, be used to, get used to
B1+ Would and used to – past habits and repeated actions
B1+ Verbs of the senses: look, sound, feel, etc.
B1+ Do or Make – Which is it?

Conditionals, if, wish, etc.

B1+ Zero and first conditional and future time clauses
B1+ When I do vs When I have done – Future time clauses
B1+ Second and third conditionals – unreal conditionals
B1+ Wishes and regrets – I wish / if only


B1+ The passive voice – all tenses
B1+ The passive with reporting verbs – It is said that …
B1+ Have something done

-ing and the infinitive

B1+ Gerund or infinitive – verb patterns
B1+ Would rather, would prefer – expressing preference
B1+ Reporting verbs – admit doing, refuse to do, etc.

Articles, nouns, pronouns, and determiners.

B1+ Quantifiers – all, most, both, either, neither, any, no, none

Relative clauses, relative pronouns and adverbs

B1+ Whatever, whenever, wherever, whoever, however

Auxiliary verbs

B1+ Auxiliary verbs – different uses

Adjectives and adverbs

B1+ The … the … comparatives
B1+ Participles as adjectives (-ed / -ing adjectives)
B1+ So, such (a), so much, so many
B1+ Adjectives without noun
B1+ Adjective order
B1+ Already, still, yet – What’s the difference?
B1+ Pretty, rather, quite, fairly

Conjunctions and clauses

B1+ Clauses of contrast and purpose


B1+ Questions – different types
B1+ Indirect questions

Word order

B1+ Position of adverbs and adverb phrase