Exercise 1

Choose the most suitable forms of the following verbs of the senses for each gap below.

1 She  thrilled to be back home.

2 Your biceps  you've been working out.

3 We heard something that  a rat.

4 This cloud  an elephant.

5 You very mature for your age.

6 The bread it had just been baked.

7 The dream so real that when I woke up I couldn't even talk.

8 This chocolate a bit sweeter than the other one.

9 His voice he needed help.

10 You you know the answer.



Verbs of the senses – grammar chart

Verbs of the senses

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Verbs of the senses

We can use the verbs look, smell, taste, sound and feel before adjectives, nouns, and clauses (subject + verb)

look, smell, taste, sound, feel + adjective

We can use feel, smell, taste, sound, and feel + adjective to talk about how something feels, tastes, etc.

  • When you use that cream, your skin feels really smooth.
  • When he talked to us sounded nervous.


look, smell, taste, sound, feel + like + noun

We can also use feel, smell, taste, sound, and feel + like before a noun.

  • You sound like your mother
  • This tastes like chicken.


look, smell, taste, sound, feel + as if/as though + clause

We use feel, smell, taste, sound, and feel + as if/as though + clause (subject + verb).

  • You sound as if you had a long party last night.
  • You look as though you’ve just seen a ghost.

Note that in informal English we often also use feel, smell, taste, sound, and feel like + clause.

  • You sound like you had a long party last night.
  • You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.