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  • Indirect questions

    Exercise 1

    Choose the correct forms to complete the following questions. There are direct and indirect questions.

    1I don't know the answer. How many times to tell you?

    2I don't know  so unhappy.

    3Do you have any idea when ?

    4How many people for the party?

    5I wonder .

    6Did she tell you how often ?

    7I'd like to know for the experiment.

    8Could you tell me why ?

    9Can I ask you how long here?

    10Why ?


  • Indirect questions

    We normally use indirect questions, when we want to be more polite. We begin the question with expressions such as Can you tell me …? Could you tell me …? Do you know …? Would you mind telling me … ? 

    • What time is it? (direct question)
    • Could you tell me what time it is? (indirect question)

    In indirect questions the order is subject + verb.

    • Do you know where I can find a bank? (NOT … where can I find)
    • Can you tell me what time the shops close? (NOT … what time do the shops close)

    There are other expressions that follow the same rule:

    • I don’t know what he is doing here. 
    • I wonder when he will find the truth.
    • I’m not sure when I can come. 
    • I’d like to know where you left the documents. 

    For yes-no questions (when there is NO question word), we can use both if or whether:

    • Do you know if/whether he’ll be here soon?
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