Exercise 1

Choose suitable adjectives to complete the sentences below.

1 Do you like my  new shoes?

2 Matt is an intelligent old man.

3 They use new  wooden spoons to eat.

4 I've bought some red cups for the party.

5 You need to wash that old blanket.

6 Have you seen my blue cotton sweater?

7 I've bought a antique Egyptian statue.

8 The victim is a middle-aged black man.

9 The murder weapon was a long metal bar.

10 She is a young woman.



Opinion vs fact adjectives

Opinion adjectives express what the speaker thinks of something; e.g. nice, handsome, brilliant, etc., and fact adjectives give us information about something such as age, size, colour, material, etc.

When we use two or more adjectives together, opinion adjectives usually go before fact adjectives.

  • They live in an amazing modern attic. 
  • She’s a beautiful young woman. 


Order of fact adjectives

When we use two or more fact adjectives together, they normally go in the following order:
Adjective order