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  • Next to, under, between, in front of, behind, over, etc.

    Exercise 1

    Look at the pictures and choose the correct prepositions of place.

    1 There is a cat the table.

    2 The woman is sleeping the books.

    3 There are some clouds the building.

    4 Janet is sitting Tom.

    5 There is a cat the dogs.

    6 Janet is sitting Tom.

    7 Janet is sitting a blond woman.

    8 Linda is sitting Jack and Harry.

    9 The ball is the net.

    10 The dog is standing the cat.


  • Next to, under, between, in front of, behind, over, etc.

    Grammar chart with illustrations of an alien and dragons demonstrating the use of prepositions of place such as next to, between, opposite, in front of, behind, above, over, and under.

    Download full-size image from Pinterest

    Next to / beside

    • We had a picnic next to/beside the river.
    • Come and sit next to/beside me.


    • I live in a small town between Liverpool and Manchester.
    • She is sleeping between her mum and dad. 

    In front of

    • John sits in front of me in class.
    • You are always in front of the mirror.


    • She is hiding behind the curtains. 
    • We hang our coats behind the door. 


    • I live opposite the supermarket (=on the other side of the road)
    • I am sitting opposite him (=facing him)


    • The cat is hiding under the bed.
    • Why are your shoes under the table?
    • I’m wearing a white shirt under the jersey.

    Above / over

    Above and over mean ‘at or to a higher position’. Over is more common.

    • She lives in an apartment above/over the grocery store. 
    • There is a shelf above/over the sink. 
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