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  • Next to, under, between, in front of, behind, over, etc.

    Exercise 1

    Look at the pictures and choose the correct prepositions of place.

    1 There is a cat the table.

    2 The woman is sleeping the books.

    3 There are some clouds the building.

    4 Janet is sitting Tom.

    5 There is a cat the dogs.

    6 Janet is sitting Tom.

    7 Janet is sitting a blond woman.

    8 Linda is sitting Jack and Harry.

    9 The ball is the net.

    10 The dog is standing the cat.


  • Next to, under, between, in front of, behind, over, etc. – Prepositions of place

    Next to, beside, above, over, in front of, behind, under, opposite

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    Next to / beside

    • We had a picnic next to/beside the river.
    • Come and sit next to/beside me.


    • I live in a small town between Liverpool and Manchester.
    • She is sleeping between her mum and dad. 

    In front of

    • John sits in front of me in class.
    • You are always in front of the mirror.


    • She is hiding behind the curtains. 
    • We hang our coats behind the door. 


    • I live opposite the supermarket (=on the other side of the road)
    • I am sitting opposite him (=facing him)


    • The cat is hiding under the bed.
    • Why are your shoes under the table?
    • I’m wearing a white shirt under the jersey.

    Above / over

    Above and over mean ‘at or to a higher position’. Over is more common.

    • She lives in an apartment above/over the grocery store. 
    • There is a shelf above/over the sink. 
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