Exercise 1

Look at the pictures and complete the sentences using an imperative in positive or negative form. Use the verbs in the box.

be     drink     drive     fish     smoke     stop     talk     turn     turn off     wash     write


EXAMPLE: Stop the car.

1 Please, .

2 in this area.

3 your mobile phone.

4 right.

5 Please, in this area.

6 your name here.

7 careful. The floor is wet.

8 your hands.

9 slowly.

10 this water.



The imperative – Grammar chart

The imperative - form and use

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The form of the verb used for the imperative is the base form of the verb (=the infinitive without to). There is no subject.
The negative imperative is made with do not or don’t + infinitive (no subject).



You can use the imperative to:


give instructions

  • Open the package carefully.
  • Connect the cable into the plug.


give orders

  • Fasten your seatbelt.
  • Stop talking!
  • Run!


offer something or invite someone to something

  • Have some cookies.
  • Come and sit with us.


give advice

  • Get some sleep.
  • Tell her how you feel.
  • Go and have fun.


give warnings

  • Don’t touch that cable.
  • Please, Stopthe car!


You can use let’s + verb to:


make suggestions

It’s very hot today. Let’s go to the swimming pool.
Let’s not go out today. I’m very tired.

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