Exercise 3

Write the correct imperative form or let’s + verb forms to complete the following sentences. Use the same verb used in the previous sentence.

EXAMPLE: A: ‘Let’s play tennis.’ B:’No, let’s not play tennis.

1 A: 'I'll turn off the TV.' B: 'No, the TV, please.

2 A: 'I'll call you this evening.' B: 'Yes, me this evening, please.'

3 A: 'Do you want to listen to music.' B: 'Yes, to music.'

4 A: 'Let's go to the cinema.' B: 'No, to the cinema. Let's stay home and watch TV.'

5 A: 'I will wake you up at 7.' B: 'No, me up at 7. It's too early.

6 A: 'I will clean the fridge.' B: 'Yes, the fridge, please. It's very dirty.

7 A: 'I will open a bottle of wine.' B: 'No, a bottle of wine, please. I prefer beer.

8 A: 'Would you like to have a picnic in the park?' B: 'Yes, a picnic in the park. What a great idea!'

9 A: 'I will order some pizza.' B:'Yes, some pizza, please. I am too tired to cook.

10 A: 'Do you want to talk about work?' B: 'No, about work. Let's talk about something different.'



The imperative – Grammar chart

The imperative - form and use

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The form of the verb used for the imperative is the base form of the verb (=the infinitive without to). There is no subject.
The negative imperative is made with do not or don’t + infinitive (no subject).



You can use the imperative to:


give instructions

  • Open the package carefully.
  • Connect the cable into the plug.


give orders

  • Fasten your seatbelt.
  • Stop talking!
  • Run!


offer something or invite someone to something

  • Have some cookies.
  • Come and sit with us.


give advice

  • Get some sleep.
  • Tell her how you feel.
  • Go and have fun.


give warnings

  • Don’t touch that cable.
  • Please, Stopthe car!


You can use let’s + verb to:


make suggestions

It’s very hot today. Let’s go to the swimming pool.
Let’s not go out today. I’m very tired.

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