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  • The … the … comparatives

    Exercise 3

    Rewrite the sentences using thethe… comparatives.

    EXAMPLE: If we start soon, we’ll finish soon. ⇒ The sooner we start, the sooner we’ll finish.

    1 The food I like best is spicy food.

    the food, I like it.

    2 I like the lessons more if there are few students.

     students, I like the lessons.

    3 If I read a lot, I learn a lot.

    I read, .

    4 If I speak good English, I’ll have more opportunities.

     English I speak,  opportunities I'll have.

    5 If I walk for a long time, I can get further.

    I walk,  I can get.

    6 Older people become wiser.

     people are, .

    7 If you save more money, you can buy a new car soon.

    you save,  you can buy a car.

    8 If you give a lot you will receive more.

    you will receive.

    9 If I work a lot, I have no time.

    I work,  I have.

    10 If there’s a lot of unemployment, the situation gets worse.

    there is,  gets.


  • The … the … comparatives

    Comparative adjective or adverb

    We can repeat the structure: the + comparative + subject + verb to mean that one thing depends on another or that two variable quantities are related.

    • The healthier you eat, the better you feel. 
    • The harder he works, the more stressed he is. 

    Note that when we have the verb be in this structure, we can omit it.

    • The longer the wait, the more agitated the people become. 
    • =The longer the wait is, the more agitated the people become. 

    The more/the less + noun

    You can also use a noun in the same structure instead of an adjective or adverb.

    •  The more exercise you do, the fitter you get.
    • The less carbohydrates you consume, the healthier you will be.

    The more/the less + clause

    Or you can use the more/the less + subject + verb instead of using an adjective or noun.

    • The more you read, the wiser you get. 
    • The more you know, the less you need to say. 


    The … the better

    We can use the structure the + comparative adjective, the better to express preference in relation to the quantity or quality of something.

    • Please, call me soon. The sooner, the better
    • A: ‘Isn’t this fridge too big?’   B: ‘No, the bigger, the better.’ 
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