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Basic word order in English – Grammar chart

Grammar chart illustrating the basic word order in English sentences, placement of adverbs of frequency, and tips to avoid common mistakes.

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Subject + verb

In English, we normally need to include the subject in a sentence. The subject goes before the verb.

  • We dance.
  • She is waiting.

We use it or they as a subject to talk about something that we mentioned before.

  • I like your guitar. Is nice. blank
  • I like your guitar. It is nice. blank
  • Can you see those trees? Are beautiful. blank
  • Can you see those trees? They are beautiful. blank

We don’t include the subject in imperative sentences.

  • Sit down, please.
  • Call me soon.

We can put an adverb of frequency between the subject and the verb. BUT adverbs of frequency go after the verb when the verb is be.

  • We often dance.
  • BUT: You are always late.

Verb + object

When there is an object in the sentence, we need to put it after the verb. Verb and object are together.

  • I like very much pizza. blank
  • I like pizza very much. blank
  • She plays every day the guitar. blank
  • She plays the guitar every day. blank

Place + time

We normally say ‘where’ and ‘when’ something happens in this order.

  • She arrives in the morning at the hospital. blank
  • She arrives at the hospital in the morning. blank
  • Will you be at 3 pm in the office? blank
  • Will you be in the office at 3 pm? blank