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  • Writing about my family

    Exercise 1

    Check the ‘Explanation’ tab above before doing these exercises. Complete the text below with the words in the box.

    a        dad’s       going       His       in       loves       reading       ’s got       taller       than       twice

    Dear Marta,

    I'm 0 going to tell you about my family. I live with my brother, my mum, and my dad. We live 1 Lincoln, a nice city in the East Midlands region of England.

    My 2 name is Albert. He's 51 years old, and he's 3 History teacher. He's medium height, and he 4 short grey hair and green eyes. He loves 5 books and watching documentaries about prehistoric times. He doesn't like sports.

    My mum's name is Melissa. She's 49 years old. She's a little shorter 6 my dad, and she's got long brown hair and blue eyes. She is a shop owner. She sells beauty products in a shop near our home. She 7 swimming. She goes swimming 8 a week.

    I've got a twin brother. 9 name's Luke. He's 21 years old, and he's got brown hair, like me. But he is much 10 than me. He is very big and strong, and he loves playing rugby and going to the gym.

    Another very important member of our family is Cooper, our dog. He is ten years old, and we love him!

    What about your family?




  • Plan your paragraphs

    Before writing an essay, you should plan how to organise your ideas. For example, if you want to write about your family, you could use a paragraph for each member of your family. Then, you could think about the things that you want to say about each person. It’s a good idea to draw a diagram before writing your text.
    Writing about my family
    Also, make sure that you use connectors to link your sentences.

    Check the word order

    When you are writing, check the word order in each sentence. Don’t forget to start your sentences with a subject + a verb, and then add other details that you want to include. The elements of an English sentence usually appear in this order: subject + verb + object + how + where + when.

    Plan your grammar

    Your text should be rich in grammar and vocabulary. Make sure that you use different grammar items that are learned in level A1. For the example essay in Exercise 1, we used grammar items such as be going to, possessive ‘s, comparative adjectives, infinitives and gerunds, etc.

    After you write a sentence, you can try to say the same thing in different words. For example, imagine you write this: “I have a brother. His name is Albert. He is a mechanic.” These sentences are OK. But you can change them and say this: “My brother’s name is Albert. He is a mechanic.” In the second sentence, we used the possessive ‘s, so the text is richer in grammar elements.

    Check your grammar

    When you write your text, make sure that your grammar is OK. Read each sentence two or three times and correct the mistakes. If you are not sure of a word or expression, don’t use it — or check how to write it correctly first.

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