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  • Family and relatives

    In this elementary vocabulary lesson about Family and Relatives, you will learn basic English vocabulary to talk about the people in your family. Check the explanation and do the exercises.

    Exercise 1

    Look at the family tree picture and choose the correct options to complete the sentences.

    Family and relatives – A1 English Vocabulary

    1 My 's name is Robert.

    2 My 's name is Willian.

    3 My 's name is Emily.

    4 My 's name is Olivia.

    5 My 's name is Lucas.

    6 My 's name is Susan.

    7 My 's name is Chloe.

    8 My 's name is Sarah.

    9 I am Sarah's .

    10 My 's name is Ethan.


  • Family and relatives

    Family tree picture

    Discover the members of a family in our simple family tree picture, including parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and more.
    Family tree infographic with titles like grandfather, uncle, and niece for A1 English learners.

    Sentence examples

    Check the following sentences introducing the members of the family in the picture. Note that when we talk about our family, we often use the possessive ‘s.

    My grandmother‘s name is Margaret, and I call her Grandma. My grandfather‘s name is Robert, and I call him Grandpa.

    My mother‘s name is Linda, and I call her Mom. My father‘s name is David, and I call him Dad. So, my parents are David and Linda.

    I have two siblings: a brother and a sister. My sister‘s name is Emily, and she is my older sister. My brother‘s name is Andrew, and he is my younger brother. My sister is married to John. John is my brother-in-law.

    My wife‘s name is Sarah, so I am her husband. We have two children: a son and a daughter. Our daughter‘s name is Olivia, and she is very playful. Our son‘s name is Ethan, and he loves to play soccer.

    My uncle‘s name is Michael, and he is my mom’s brother. My aunt‘s name is Susan, and she is Michael’s wife.

    I have two cousins, William and Jessica. They are Michael and Susan’s children.

    I also have one niece and one nephew. My niece‘s name is Chloe, and my nephew‘s name is Lucas. They are my sister’s kids. Kids is another name for children.

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