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  • Common Things

    In this elementary vocabulary lesson about Common Things, you will learn about objects and things that we use in our everyday lives. Check the explanation and do the exercises.

    Exercise 1

    Choose the correct option to complete each sentence.

    1 A is a bag that you carry on your back.

    2 A is something that you read.

    3 A is a thing you use to carry money and credit cards.

    4 A is something you watch for entertainment.

    5 A is a place where people live.

    6 A is a vehicle you drive to move from one place to another.

    7 are things that you wear on your feet.

    8 A is a machine you use to play games and do work.

    9 A is something you use to communicate with others.

    10 An is an object that protects you from the rain.


  • Common Things – Pictures

    Look and these pictures of some common things that are part of our daily lives.

    Infographic of 20 common items including a house, car, bicycle, book, and more for A1 English vocabulary learning.

    Common Things – Sentence examples

    Now read the sentence examples below.

    I live in a big 1 house with my family.

    He drives an expensive 2 car.

    I ride my 3 bike in the park.

    I like to read a 4 book in bed.

    I use a 5 pen to write at school.

    I write and draw in my 6 notebook.

    I carry my books in a 7 backpack.

    I wear a 8 watch on my wrist.

    I use a 9 computer to play games.

    I often watch 10 TV.

    My grandmother wears 11 glasses.

    I sometimes wear yellow 12 shoes.

    I have money in my 13 wallet.

    This 14 key opens my front door.

    I use my  15 mobile phone to text and send emails.

    I put on my 16 headphones to listen to music.

    I always take my 17 umbrella when it rains.

    We need a 18 passport to travel.

    I wear a 19 hat on sunny days.

    I drink water from a 20 bottle.

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