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  • Common Verbs and Verb Phrases

    In this elementary vocabulary lesson about Common Verbs and Verb Phrases, you will learn about common actions that we do in our everyday lives. Check the explanation and do the exercises.

    Exercise 1

    Choose the correct options to complete these sentences.

    1 I my friends to talk to them.

    2 My wife and I always dinner together.

    3 I exercise three times a week.

    4 We on vacation in the summer.

    5 My wife to bed very early.

    6 I go to by bus.

    7 My wife always a cup of coffee before work.

    8 I the guitar in a band.

    9 I always to music in my car.

    10 My son football every weekend.


  • Common Verbs and Verb Phrases – Pictures

    Look and these pictures of some common actions that are part of our daily lives.

    Infographic showing 20 common verbs and activities like 'call a friend' and 'cook dinner' for A1 English vocabulary.

    Common Verbs and Verb Phrases – Sentence examples

    Now read the sentence examples below.

    She often 1 calls her friends.

    He never 2 cooks dinner.

    She 3 does exercise every day.

    (US) She 4 goes on vacation every summer. / (UK) She goes on holiday every summer.

    She 5 goes to bed at 10:30 pm.

    He 6 goes to work very early.

    For breakfast, she 7 drinks some coffee.

    She 8 eats dinner at 7 pm.

    She often 9 listens to music.

    He 10 plays football every weekend.

    She 11 plays the guitar as a hobby.

    He 12 plays video games every day.

    She 13 reads a book before going to bed.

    Sometimes she calls and sometimes she 14 sends a text.

    He 15 studies English.

    He often 16 takes photos.

    He is happy when he 17 visits a museum.

    He 18 watches TV after dinner.

    He 19 wears glasses.

    She 20 sends emails to all her friends.

    Note that in present simple we add -s or -es at the end of the verb after he, she or it.

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