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  • The different uses of the verb ‘get’

    Exercise 2

    Choose the correct option to complete each sentence.

    1 If you get , take something from the fridge.

    2 We got , and there was no one we could ask for directions.

    3 He got and blocked me on Facebook.

    4 Let's go back home. It's getting .

    5 Let's rest for a minute. I'm getting .

    6 I don't want to get . I like being single.

    7 You can have some water if you get .

    8 She's been very ill, but she's getting .

    9 People who don't have a healthy diet get more easily.

    10 He is getting but in his mind, he is still young.


  • The different uses of the verb get

    The different uses of the verb 'get'.

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    Get + noun: get an email, get a job, get a new TV, get the train, etc. (=receive, obtain, buy, bring, take)

    • We get lots of emails every day. 
    • My son got his driving license last week. 
    • Did you get a present for Tommy’s birthday?
    • ‘How did you go to Pam’s house?’ ‘I got a train.’ 

    Get + adjective: get married, get hungry, get old, get tired, etc. (=start to be married/hungry/old/etc.)

    • Why did you get angry?
    • It‘s getting dark.
    • When did they get married?
    • After breakfast, I have a shower and get dressed.

    Get to + place (=arrive)

    • What time did you get to the hospital?
    • She gets to work at 8.
    • It was difficult to get here
    • Do you usually get home late?

    Note that we say get here, get there and get home (WITHOUT to).

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