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  • Expressing purpose with to and for

    Exercise 1

    Complete the sentences below with to and for.

    1 I need my computer send an important email.

    2 Call your doctor an appointment.

    3 I'm on a diet lose some weight.

    4 I'm going to call the restaurant book a table.

    5 A thermometer is a tool measuring the temperature.

    6 Do you have time a cup of tea?

    7 I need some money a taxi.

    8 I need some money take a taxi.

    9 This knife is used cutting plastic.

    10 Where can I go buy the ingredients?


  • Expressing purpose with to and for

    Grammar chart explaining the use of 'to' and 'for' for expressing purpose, with correct and incorrect example sentences.

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    We can use to + infinitive and for + noun to talk about the purpose of an action or the reason why we do something.

    To + infinitive

    • I went to the grocery store to buy some vegetables. 
    • I studied hard to pass the exam.

    For + noun

    • Let’s go to the pub for a drink. 
    • We climbed to the top for the views.

    Compare to vs for

    • I went to the shop to buy some milk. 
    • I went to the shop for some milk. 

    For + -ing

    Don’t use for + -ing verb to talk about why we do something

    We don’t use for + -ing verb to say what is the purpose of our actions, why we do something.

    • I work hard for improving my English.blank
    • I work hard to improve my English.blank
    • Turn the TV on for watching the news.blank
    • Turn the TV on to watch the news.blank

    Use for + -ing verb to talk about the purpose or function of an object

    We can use to + infinitive or for + ing verb to talk about the purpose or function of a thing, what an object is used for.

    • This machine is used for cleaning cars.
    • This machine is used to clean cars.
    • This is a special camera for photographing small objects.  
    • This is a special camera to photograph small objects.  
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