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  • Opposite adjectives for describing people and things

    In this lesson, we will discover many opposite adjectives that you can use to describe people and things. Check the following pictures and sentence examples.

    Opposite adjectives used to describe people

    Comparison chart of opposite adjectives describing people for A1 English learners.

    Example sentences

    I’m 1 happy when I spend time with my family, and I’m 2 sad when I fail an exam.

    Tom is 3 tall; he is 6 feet 3 inches. Peter is 4 short; he is 5 feet 4 inches.

    I’m 5 young; I’m 26. However, my granddad is very 6 old; he is 92.

    Carlos is very 7 strong; he goes to the gym every day. Richard is 8 weak, he hardly ever does exercise.

    David is 9 fat; he eats a lot. Maria is 10 thin; she needs to eat more.

    She is a 11 beautiful model, but her cousin is very 12 ugly.

    Opposite adjectives used to describe things

    Opposite adjectives describing objects visual guide for A1 English vocabulary.

    Example sentences

    The elephant is 1 big, and the mosquito is 2 small.

    The coffee is 3 hot, and the sodas are 4 cold.

    The tortoise is 5 slow, and the car is 6 fast.

    Vegetables and eggs are 7 good for you, and fast food and smoking are 8 bad.

    The rock is very 9 heavy, and the feather is 10 light.

    The rocks are 11 hard, and the cushions are 12 soft

    The first pencil is 13 thick, and the second pencil is 14 thin.

    The first glass is 15 full and the second glass is 16 empty.

    The first bathroom is 17 clean, and the second bathroom is 18 dirty.

    The first room is 19 dim, there is no light. The second room is 20 bright.

    The car is 21 expensive; it costs a lot of money. The scooter is 22 cheap.

    The purple nails are 23 long, but the nails in the second picture are 24 short.