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Daily routines

Look at these pictures about everyday activities and read the text about a person’s daily routine.

Visual guide to daily routines vocabulary for A1 English learners.

Every day, I 1 wake up early in the morning. Then, I 2 get up and go to the bathroom to 3 brush my teeth. After that, I 4 have breakfast in the kitchen. I usually have some coffee and toast for breakfast. Next, I 5 have a shower and 6 get dressed for work.

I usually 7 go to work by bus, but sometimes I walk. I 8 start work at 8 am At work, I 9 check my emails and do my tasks. At around 1 pm, I 10 have lunch, sometimes at work or at a nearby place.

I 11 finish work at 5 pm, and after work, I 12 go home. In the evening, I 13 do homework,14 go for a run, or 15 go to the gym. Sometimes, I 16 go shopping to buy things I need. Later, I 17 cook dinner. I always 18 have dinner with my family. Finally, I 19 watch TV, and when I’m tired, I 20 go to bed.