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  • Common Verbs and Verb Phrases – Pictures

    Look and these pictures of some common actions that are part of our daily lives.

    Infographic showing 20 common verbs and activities like 'call a friend' and 'cook dinner' for A1 English vocabulary.

    Common Verbs and Verb Phrases – Sentence examples

    Now read the sentence examples below.

    She often 1 calls her friends.

    He never 2 cooks dinner.

    She 3 does exercise every day.

    (US) She 4 goes on vacation every summer. / (UK) She goes on holiday every summer.

    She 5 goes to bed at 10:30 pm.

    He 6 goes to work very early.

    For breakfast, she 7 drinks some coffee.

    She 8 eats dinner at 7 pm.

    She often 9 listens to music.

    He 10 plays football every weekend.

    She 11 plays the guitar as a hobby.

    He 12 plays video games every day.

    She 13 reads a book before going to bed.

    Sometimes she calls and sometimes she 14 sends a text.

    He 15 studies English.

    He often 16 takes photos.

    He is happy when he 17 visits a museum.

    He 18 watches TV after dinner.

    He 19 wears glasses.

    She 20 sends emails to all her friends.

    Note that in present simple we add -s or -es at the end of the verb after he, she or it.