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  • Types of crime and offenders

    Exercise 2

    Complete each sentence with a type of offender.

    1 The created realistic banknotes at home and tried to use them to buy jewellery.

    2 A smashed all the windows of a parked car.

    3 The attacked a man as he was leaving a pub, leaving him with six broken ribs.

    4 A was charged with importing marijuana and selling it in his local area.

    5 The broke into a bank's computer system to access its clients' private information.

    6 The threatened the shop owners with violence unless they paid him.

    7 The was driving home after drinking and killed a pedestrian.

    8 The kept calling up a colleague and verbally abusing her, causing her mental distress.

    9 The illegally diverted money from the company's accounts for years.

    10 The carried out a series of bombings in the city, instilling fear in the hearts of its residents.


  • Types of crime and offenders

    In this upper-intermediate vocabulary lesson about types of crime and offenders, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the language used to describe various types of crimes and the individuals involved in them. Check the following pictures and read the definitions.

    Upper-intermediate English vocabulary about types of crime

    1 Burglary: A burglar is a person who breaks into a home or building without permission and steals from it.

    2 Robbery: A robber is a person who steals from a place using threats or violence.

    3 Assault: An assailant is a person who physically attacks someone.

    4 Murder: A murderer is a person who intentionally kills someone.

    5 Kidnapping: A kidnapper is a person who takes someone by force and demands money for their safe return.

    6 Fraud: A fraudster is a person who lies or tricks others to obtain money.

    7 Arson: An arsonist is a person who sets fire to a home or building.

    8 Vandalism: A vandal is a person who intentionally destroys or damages public or private property.

    9 Shoplifting: A shoplifter is a person who steals goods from a store.

    10 Cybercrime: A cybercriminal is a person who commits crimes over the internet.

    11 Drug Trafficking: A drug trafficker is a person who sells, imports, and transports illegal drugs.

    12 Terrorism: A terrorist is a person who uses threats and violence to create fear.

    13 Forgery: A forger is a person who reproduces documents, money, or signatures to deceive others.

    14 Embezzlement: An embezzler is a person who steals money that has been put in their care.

    15 Hacking: A hacker is a person who breaks into a private computer system to obtain information.

    16 Harassment: A harasser is a person who abuses or annoys someone, causing them emotional or physical suffering.

    17 Smuggling: A smuggler is a person who moves things out of a country illegally.

    18 Extortion: An extortionist is a person who threatens others in order to obtain money.

    19 Manslaughter: A manslaughterer is a person who kills someone unintentionally or without having planned to do it.

    20 Mugging: A mugger is a person who attacks someone in a public place and steals from them.

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