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  • Types of crime and offenders

    In this upper-intermediate vocabulary lesson about Types of Crime and Offenders, you will learn terms used to describe various types of crimes and the individuals involved. Check the explanation to familiarize yourself with the expressions before doing the exercises.

    Exercise 1

    Match each sentence with a type of crime.
    1 Two men attacked a jogger and stole his wallet and his watch.
    2 A dentist killed his wife using poison.
    3 Two men were caught trying to bring illegal diamonds into the country.
    4 A woman was caught trying to buy a car with someone else’s credit card.
    5 A student set fire to his school after failing his exams.
    6 Sam broke into an apartment and stole a television and a laptop.
    7 A young girl was caught stealing a chocolate bar from a shop.
    8 Two teenage bullies were sending threatening messages to a classmate on social media.
    9 Two men forced the president’s son into a car and then demanded $1 million for his safe return.
    10 A man held a gun to a bank teller’s head and told him to give him all the money in the safe.


  • Types of crime and offenders

    In this upper-intermediate vocabulary lesson about types of crime and offenders, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the language used to describe various types of crimes and the individuals involved in them. Check the following pictures and read the definitions.

    Upper-intermediate English vocabulary about types of crime

    1 Burglary: A burglar is a person who breaks into a home or building without permission and steals from it.

    2 Robbery: A robber is a person who steals from a place using threats or violence.

    3 Assault: An assailant is a person who physically attacks someone.

    4 Murder: A murderer is a person who intentionally kills someone.

    5 Kidnapping: A kidnapper is a person who takes someone by force and demands money for their safe return.

    6 Fraud: A fraudster is a person who lies or tricks others to obtain money.

    7 Arson: An arsonist is a person who sets fire to a home or building.

    8 Vandalism: A vandal is a person who intentionally destroys or damages public or private property.

    9 Shoplifting: A shoplifter is a person who steals goods from a store.

    10 Cybercrime: A cybercriminal is a person who commits crimes over the internet.

    11 Drug Trafficking: A drug trafficker is a person who sells, imports, and transports illegal drugs.

    12 Terrorism: A terrorist is a person who uses threats and violence to create fear.

    13 Forgery: A forger is a person who reproduces documents, money, or signatures to deceive others.

    14 Embezzlement: An embezzler is a person who steals money that has been put in their care.

    15 Hacking: A hacker is a person who breaks into a private computer system to obtain information.

    16 Harassment: A harasser is a person who abuses or annoys someone, causing them emotional or physical suffering.

    17 Smuggling: A smuggler is a person who moves things out of a country illegally.

    18 Extortion: An extortionist is a person who threatens others in order to obtain money.

    19 Manslaughter: A manslaughterer is a person who kills someone unintentionally or without having planned to do it.

    20 Mugging: A mugger is a person who attacks someone in a public place and steals from them.

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