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    Read the text and choose the correct answer for each gap.

    About twenty-five years ago, the results of an exciting new study were reported in the news: If children listen to the music of Mozart, they 1 more intelligent. Immediately, huge numbers of Mozart CDs were purchased by people 2 wanted their children to be smarter. The statement was generally assumed to be true. After all, 3 people think Mozart was a genius, and maybe if we listened to his music, his intelligence 4 transfer to us.

    However, if you read about the experiment 5 led to this claim, there is little evidence it’s true. Firstly, children 6 in the original experiment. University students were. The thirty-six young adults who took part did one of three things for ten minutes. Some sat in silence, 7 listened to some relaxation instructions and a third group listened to Mozart’s piano music. Afterwards, they all completed various tasks, one of which involved paper shapes. This experiment 8 three times. It was found that the students 9 to Mozart did better in the paper shapes activity than 10 students. However, the beneficial effect only lasted for about fifteen minutes.

    11 then, a number of similar experiments have been conducted which confirm that listening to Mozart’s music 12 lead to a temporary improvement in a person’s ability to do spatial puzzles. They don’t however, improve intelligence. Other studies showed that there is 13 special about Mozart’s music. 14 to other classical music, pop music and even stories can also wake up the brain. The effect is especially strong if the listener likes the sound.

    So, listening to Mozart won’t harm your children. It could even lead to a love of classical music. But if they have an important test ahead, you 15 probably tell them to study instead of listening to some music on.


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