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    Read the text and choose the correct answer for each gap.

    Gillian and Lily are twins 1 are being raised separately by two sets of parents in Canada.

    Mike and Lynette Shaw and Allyson and Kirk MacLeod 2 their daughters from China in 2000, via an agency. Before 3 the girls, the two couples had met and exchanged email addresses at a meeting that 4 by the agency. When the couples were assigned babies, they sent photographs of the children to 5 . They were immediately shocked. The girls were identical!

    The two families contacted the adoption agency. They were worried that someone had made a mistake, and one baby had been promised to two different families. If, in fact, they were two different babies, 6 they be twins?

    The Chinese orphanage soon confirmed that the photos showed two different babies. They insisted that the girls 7 twins. They said that the girls 8 brought to the orphanage from different locations on separate days. They said that if the couples 9 adopt the girls, the agency would give them to 10 parents. So both couples decided to continue with the adoption.

    However, when the parents went to China 11 their new children, it was clear that the babies were twin sisters. A DNA test later confirmed this. Before they left China, the couples agreed to raise the girls as sisters, 12 they lived 400 miles apart, so they kept in touch

    Today, the families meet up on special occasions. The girls are very similar, 13 their different upbringings. They look alike, have the same habits, and according to their parents, both were aggressive as children. They talk to each other almost every day and have a very special connection, although they can't see each other as often as they'd like.

    In 2012, Lily said of her situation: “I don’t love it, I don’t hate it 14 . But if we 15 closer, we could have sleepovers.”


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