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  • Read the text and choose the most appropriate answer from the drop-down menu.

    I didn’t know 1 until I told a friend that Sarah 2 my texts for three days. It was then that my 3 friend looked at me and yelled, “You got ghosted!” He had to explain that ghosting is when someone you are dating cuts all contact and disappears from your life. In other words, it’s when you are dumped by someone without 4 an explanation.

    I had met Sarah through a dating app and 5 coming from different backgrounds, we had lots of things in common. Being with her felt 6 since the beginning. I felt we had a deep connection and that we 7 to be together. After a few dates and a lot of kissing, I was more and more convinced that she was the one. But then she just vanished; she broke up with me without breaking up with me. I hated her for that. I thought she at least owed me an explanation. She 8 me why she had stopped wanting to see me, or to even speak to me.

    I didn't know what I 9 wrong, and I was consumed by the thought that Sarah 10 from my life if I had done something differently. But there was no way to know, 11 ? Because she didn't want to take the time to explain herself. How could anyone do something like that? I lost self-esteem and it was difficult for me to trust the women I dated after Sarah. Until I met Emily.

    Emily was easy to trust. She was 12 nice and honest creature that it was almost impossible not to like her. I really enjoyed 13 time with her. She was sweet and caring, and she made me feel great about myself. However, she cared more than I did and gradually, I realised that we were not on the same level, and that I was going to end up hurting her. I needed to stop seeing her, because 14 I was with her, the more I would hurt her feelings. And she didn't deserve that, so I needed to act quickly. I picked up the phone numerous times, but I couldn't bring myself to break up with her. Then she texted me a couple of times, but I didn't answer her texts. And I didn't return any of her calls. I didn't know what to say. I knew that 15 I said would hurt her. So I said nothing. I just ghosted her.


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