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  • Read the text and choose the most appropriate answer from the drop-down menu.

    Veganism 1 restricted to a small number of animal activists and hippies just a few years ago, and it attracted a lot of criticism by uninformed people –and it still 2 . However, plant-based eating is becoming more and more accepted, and it has started to have 3 impacts on 4 the food industry and people's eating habits. But why are so many of us deciding to change our eating habits 5 drastically? Here are some of the main reasons.

    For the animal rights

    Traditionally veganism is a way to live ethically regarding how we treat animals. Do you wish you 6 to kill or cause any suffering to animals? Then don't eat them, don't wear their skins and don't use anything that has been tested on them. That's the philosophy that gave birth to veganism, and it's still one of the reasons why many people stop 7 animals.

    For your health

    Recently, research has started to show that vegans are less likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure. At the same time, processed food 8 a lot of bad press and more and more people are making more informed decisions about what they eat. 9 the efforts of the food industry to conceal or distort some facts, a lot of documentaries, radio shows and books on the topic 10 . In addition to that, all the converted vegans are spreading the word, and they are a living proof that plant-eating makes you 11 a healthier life.

    For the environment

    Veganism 12 the environment. Do you know how much water, land and energy are required to produce just one pound of meat or one pint of milk? If we 13 the land, crops and resources that we need to raise farm animals, to feed humans instead, we could reduce global farmland use by 75%. This would result in a significant drop in greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, wildlife extinction, and global hunger. The more people who go vegan, 14 we'll be able to feed 15 .


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