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    Read the text and choose the correct answer for each gap.

    There are many challenges on the internet 1 are related to food. For example, some people video themselves while they 2 an onion or a lemon. 3 of these challenges are harmless and fun. 4 , a few of them are dangerous. For example, in one challenge, people have to hold ice and salt in 5 hands. They get together with friends and find out who can hold it for the 6 time. But this challenge is so dangerous that nobody 7 do it. If you take some ice and add salt, the temperature of the ice 8 to -17ºC. Ice at this temperature will burn you. The problem is, you 9 notice that your hand is burning because the ice is so cold. You’ll 10 it, and the burn will get worse.

    In another challenge, people try to eat a large spoonful of cinnamon powder without drinking 11 . It sounds simple, but it isn’t. In fact, it’s both impossible and dangerous. Cinnamon powder 12 in water or the saliva in your mouth. So, if you put a spoonful of 13 in your mouth, your body will panic and you will start coughing. If that powder gets 14 your lungs, you might damage them.

    So, in the future, when someone 15 you to do a food challenge, don’t agree to it unless you know it is safe. Don’t risk your health just to make a funny video.


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