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    Read the text and choose the correct answer for each gap.

    It is easy to hurt your back if you lift heavy objects 1 . 2 the correct way to pick up heavy items will stop you from 3 back ache or damaging your body. 4 back injuries 5 by an incorrect lifting technique. So what 6 to do if you don't wan't to get an injury?

    Before you lift, ask yourself, ‘Is it possible to lift this object safely on my own?’. After all, there is a difference between how much weight you can lift and how much weight is safe to lift. It may be 7 to ask for help but if there isn't 8 around to help you, just be careful. If your goal is to raise the object from the floor to shoulder height, you 9 rest it on a table during the lift, so have a chair ready because you 10 need it. It's also important to remove anything from the floor 11 might cause you to trip or fall. Once the area 12 clear, you can begin lifting.

    It’s important to keep your balance as you lift, 13 keep your feet apart and wear flat shoes. Put one foot 14 the other and keep your back as straight as possible 15 you are lifting the object. Move smoothly. Keep your head up and don't twist your back.


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