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    Read the text and choose the correct answer for each gap.

    Marilyn Monroe 1 in 1926 in Los Angeles. Her real name was Norma Jeane Mortenson. When she was seven years old, her mother 2 move into hospital because she was suffering from mental illness. After that, Norma lived in several foster homes. After her sixteenth birthday, Norma married James Dougherty, but their marriage didn’t last long. 3 Norma’s difficult childhood made her strong, it also made her very insecure.

    During World War II, Marilyn worked in a factory. There, she 4 the photographer David Conover and he asked her to pose in his photographs. 5 photos were very successful. By 1945, she 6 on 33 magazine covers! But Marilyn’s dream was to be an actress. Because of her modelling success, she 7 some film roles, and by 1953, she was one of 8 Hollywood stars.

    9 , she was never lucky in love. In 1954, she married the baseball star Joe DiMaggio. They split up just nine months later. At the time, DiMaggio’s baseball career was ending. He felt jealous of Marilyn, 10 had become famous and 11 by 12 people. He spent most of his time 13 television, which Marilyn found boring.

    In 1956, Marilyn married the writer Arthur Miller. At first, they were happy together, but later, while the two of them 14 together on a film, they fell out and separated. Marilyn died from a drug overdose when she was 36 years old. Most people thought she committed suicide, but 15 will ever know for sure.


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