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  • Use of English Test – A1

    Read the text and choose the correct answer for each gap.

    Hi John,

    How are you doing? I 1 to you from Tulum, a wonderful place on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. I 2 here with my family six days ago. We arrived 3 Wednesday morning, and we 4 for one more week.

    We 5 in a fantastic hotel on the beach. The hotel is 6 than most hotels in Europe, and the weather is very nice. There aren't 7 tourists at the moment, because it's the low season, and that is perfect, because I don't like 8 tourists. I like to relax 9 on the beach.

    Yesterday we rented a car and we 10 to different spots along the coast. I saw some of 11 views in Mexico.

    12 Saturday we're going to buy some souvenirs and finally on Sunday we're coming back home.

    I'll tell you everything when I come back. Would you like to have dinner with 13 one day?

    I want to thank you for taking care of my cat. I hope you aren't having 14 problems. She 15 a bit annoying sometimes.

    Bye for now!



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