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    Read the text and choose the correct answer for each gap.

    My name's Laura, and I have a journalism degree. When I finished university last year, I started looking 1 a job as a journalist. I applied for hundreds of jobs all over the UK, and I went to a 2 interviews, but they all told 3 that they needed someone with experience. I never got 4 job offers.

    After four months of applying for journalism jobs, I 5 to take any type of work while I continued planning my professional future. Now I 6 as a waitress at a restaurant 7 my home – I just need to cross the street and I'm 8 work. It's a temporary job, but I started it five months ago!

    I enjoy 9 as a waitress. I'm a very social person, and working at a restaurant you meet people all the time, but it is also physically hard. When I am at home, I 10 exhausted, and I 11 about my future career as a journalist. What 12 to do?

    I think that the 13 thing I can do is quit my job, but I'm living alone, and I need the money for the rent. My parents 14 me to leave the restaurant and move back with them until I find a good job, but I 15 to lose my independence.


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