Use of English Test – A1

Read the text and choose the correct answer for each gap.

Brown bears and Grizzly bears, or grizzlies, 1 two kinds of bear from North America. They are very similar, 2 they aren’t the same. Grizzly bears have light-coloured fur on 3 shoulders and backs, but brown bears don't. The bears also live 4 different areas. Brown bears live 5 the sea, but grizzlies live in mountains and forests inland. That means they have 6 . Brown bears eat fish from rivers near the sea. 7 fish are very fatty, and there are 8 of them, so brown bears can get very big and fat. The big ones weigh 750 kilogrammes! 9 aren’t many fish in the mountains and forests, so grizzly bears need 10 other things too, like grass, nuts and berries. These foods 11 contain much fat, so grizzlies are much 12 than brown bears. They usually weigh 13 90 and 300 kilogrammes. There isn’t 14 food for grizzly bears, so they need to protect their land and food. As a result, they are 15 dangerous than brown bears, both to humans and other bears.