Use of English Test – A1

Read the text and choose the correct answer for each gap.

Dear Maria,

Well, I arrived in Poland today. When I arrived 1 the Krakow airport, I got a train to the city centre and then I walked to the bus station. 2 was only ten minutes. Then I 3 a coach to Lysa Polana. It was easy because 4 ’s a coach every hour. The journey took about two hours. I hiked into the mountains from there. Some tourists ride on horses and carriages, 5 I arrived too late, and there weren’t 6 horses available. I walked for about two hours and finally I arrived at the hostel. It started 7 on the way, but I 8 . It was warm and the rain felt fresh!

Now I 9 in the dining room with a glass of beer! I can see a 10 outside. I 11 to swim in it, but a sign says ‘No swimming’. What a shame! There aren’t 12 tourists here at the moment, so it’s very 13 .

I 14 a mountain tomorrow and I will return to the hostel at about five o’clock 15 the afternoon. Hopefully, I will see you here!

Have a good journey and see you soon,

Love Jane