Use of English Test – A1

Read the text and choose the correct answer for each gap.

Rebecca Scott 1 an apartment in a rich part of London. It’s in a beautiful old building, but it’s modern inside. She pays £800 a week to live in it.

2 it a big, luxury apartment?


3 apartment is tiny! It is about four metres long and four metres wide. In the past, it 4 a cupboard in an old house. Now it is an apartment with a double bed!

Just 5 the door, there is a small entrance hall. The hall is about 1.5 metres x 1.5 metres. This room is also the kitchen. It has a sink, a cooker, a fridge and some cupboards 6 the wall. Opposite the cooker, there are some glass doors to the bathroom. This is a little 7 than the hall. It has a toilet, a shower and a washbasin.

The hall/kitchen leads to a small room with a big window. This is a living room and a bedroom. In the day time, it has a sofa. At night, the sofa 8 a double bed. It fills the whole room. There isn’t a table or 9 chairs. There isn’t enough space for 10 .

So 11 does Rebecca live in this expensive, tiny place?

“It’s in a nice, quiet neighbourhood, near to my office. There are bigger apartments in this area, but 12 are too expensive for me. Apartments outside the city centre are bigger and cheaper than this one, 13 they are in noisy, dangerous places and I don’t want 14 there. I prefer living here. Also, my tiny apartment 15 take long to clean!”