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    Read the text and choose the correct answer for each gap.

    1 you afraid of animals? Some people are, and they have good reason to feel nervous around animals. Some of them can 2 you or even kill you. But 3 animals are the most dangerous?

    Many people are afraid of 4 . It's true that they are dangerous. Between 1900 and 1999, there 5 1,860 shark attacks on people. Most attacks take place 6 the USA, Australia and South Africa. The most dangerous shark is the white shark. Of 7 1860 shark attacks, 251 were by white sharks.

    Many spiders 8 hurt people, but people are still afraid of them. However, the Sydney funnel-web spider is very dangerous! This spider is very common in Sydney, Australia. People there 9 find it in their gardens. One bite from a male spider can kill a person. The female funnel web spider is less dangerous 10 the male.

    A lot of snakes are dangerous, too. 11 deadliest is the Inland Taipan. It comes from Australia, too. This snake is fast and it 12 very accurately. The venom in one bite could kill 100 people! Luckily, it's possible to treat the bite, but you need to act 13 . The venom can kill a person in just 30 minutes!

    But the most dangerous animal on Earth is the mosquito because it spreads the disease malaria. This insect is most dangerous in Africa, 14 the people there are poor and don't have enough money for hospital treatment. Luckily, fewer people 15 from malaria now than in the past.


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