Exercise 1

Choose the correct relative pronouns to complete the following defining relative clauses.

1 I have a friend speaks four languages.

2 The Internet is a place you can get cheap technology products.

3 E-mails advertise things are called "spam".

4 A "technophobe" is someone is scared of technology.

5 We should only buy products can be recycled.

6 That's the shop I bought those shoes.

7 I can't find the CD I borrowed from you.

8 Do you remember the park we met?

9 There were three people at the party knew me.

10 I want to see the film everybody's talking about.



Defining relative clauses

We use defining relative clauses to specify which person, thing or place we are talking about.
Defining relative clauses

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who, which, where

We use who for people.

  • He met the police officer who saved his life.

We use which for things and animals.

  • He put on the suit which he wore for special occasions.

We use where for places.

  • This is the hotel where we spent our honeymoon.



We can use that instead of who or which. But we often use who for people and which/that for things.

  • He’s the neighbour who/that helped us to move out.
  • Change the cable which/that connects the computer to the printer.


Be careful with these common mistakes!

We cannot use *what or an expression like *that he/she etc. in this type of relative clauses.

  • That’s the student that/who I told you about. (NOT the student what I told you about)
  • That’s the man that/who tried to steal my wallet. (NOT the man that he tried to steal my wallet.)