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  • Present simple – I do, I don’t, Do I?

    Exercise 4

    Fill in the gaps with the verbs in brackets in present simple affirmative or negative.

    Sara is my daughter. She has (have) two daughters; they are my granddaughters. Sara 1 (not have) much free time because she 2 (work) in a shop. In the week, she 3 (get up) very early and she 4 (go) to bed quite late every day. She 5 (love) Sundays because she 6 (not work) and she 7 (spend) the day with her family. On Sundays, they 8 (not get up) very late because they always 9 (go out). My granddaughters 10 (be) always sad on Sunday evenings because it's the end of the weekend.


  • Present simple form

    For the present simple we need to use the verb do/does in questions and don’t/doesn’t in negatives.
    Present simple form – affirmative, negative, questions

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    Spelling of he/she/it

    The form is the same for all the other persons except he/she/it. The spelling for he/she/it is different.

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    Present simple use

    Habits or actions that happen regularly

    We use present simple for habits or actions that we repeat regularly:

    • wash my hair every day.
    • I never go to the library.
    • go to the library on Saturdays.

    Permanent situations or things that are always or often true

    • don’t drink coffee.
    • She’s very tall.
    • have two brothers.
    • Water boils at 100 degrees.
    • like soup.
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