Exercise 2

Replace the underlined words with the correct subject pronouns or object pronouns.

1 I can't find my keys. ⇒ I can't find .

2 Rachel hepls the students. ⇒ helps .

3 I need to tell John the truth. ⇒ I need to tell the truth.

4 My dad and I love chocolate. ⇒ love .

5 Suzan and Tom call their daughter every day. ⇒ call ever day.

6 I like cooking for my children. ⇒ I like cooking for .

7 Give the documents to Carmen. ⇒ Give to .

8 Tom often plays football with my friends and me . ⇒ often plays football with .

9 How old is Emma? ⇒ How old is ?

10 I need the scissors to cut the paper. ⇒ I need to cut .



Object pronouns vs subject pronouns

Object pronouns vs subject pronouns – me or I, she or her?

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Subject pronouns


Subject –before the verb

Subject pronouns  are the subject of a verb. They go before the verb.

  • I like your dress.
  • You are late.
  • He is my friend.
  • It often rains.
  • She is on holiday.
  • We live in England.
  • They come from London.


Object pronouns


Object –after the verb

Object pronouns  are the object of a verb. They go after the verb.

  • Can you help me please?
  • I can see you.
  • She doesn’t like him.
  • I see her every Monday.
  • We can see him, but he can’t see us.


After preposition

We use object pronouns after prepositions.

  • She is there for me.
  • I’ll get it for you.
  • Give it to him.
  • Can you listen to her?
  • Don’t take it from us.
  • I want to speak to them