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  • Subject and object pronouns, possessive pronouns and adjectives

    Exercise 1

    Choose the correct subject pronouns, object pronouns, possessive pronouns, possessive adjectives to complete the sentences below.

    1 Look at this picture. These are my daughters. names are Jane and Laura.

    2 John was born in Bristol, but father was born in Manchester.

    3 I want to go to a Rihanna concert. I really like .

    4 I don't have my mobile phone. Can I use ?

    5 We need help. Can you help ?

    6 Carla and Ned have a really nice car. I love car.

    7 This T-shirt is not mine. Is it ?

    8 I am going to see the Rolling Stones. Do you like ?

    9 We live in a nice house, but neighbours are horrible!

    10 I miss my parents. I want to send a postcard.


  • Personal pronouns and possessive adjectives – Grammar chart


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    Subject pronouns

    Before the verb

    We use subject pronouns as the subject of the verb (before the verb).

    • I like your dress.
    • You are late.
    • He is my friend.
    • It is raining.
    • She is on holiday.
    • We live in England.
    • They come from London.

    Object pronouns

    After the verb

    We use object pronouns as the object of the verb (after the verb).

    • Can you help me, please?
    • I can see you.
    • She doesn’t like him.
    • I saw her in town today.
    • We saw them in town yesterday, but they didn’t see us.

    After a preposition

    We use object pronouns after prepositions.

    • She is waiting for me.
    • I’ll get it for you.
    • Give it to him.
    • Why are you looking at her?
    • Don’t take it from us.
    • I’ll speak to them

    Possessive adjectives

    Before a noun

    We use possessive adjectives before a noun because they modify a noun.

    • My dog is big.
    • Her cat is brown.
    • Their sister works downtown.

    Possessive pronouns

    Without a noun

    possessive pronoun is NOT followed by a noun.

    • The dog is mine.
    • The brown cat is hers.
    • The car is ours.


    We use whose to ask about possession.

    • Whose car is that?
    • Whose is that car?
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