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-ed/-ing adjectives

Color-coded chart demonstrating how to form -ed and -ing adjectives from verbs, with three columns showing the base verb, the adjective that describes the feeling it inspires, and the adjective describing how someone feels

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A lot of adjectives are made from verbs by adding -ing or -ed. They are called participial adjectives they take the forms of the present (-ing) and past participle (-ed) of the verb.

-ed adjectives

-ed adjectives are used to describe how we feel. Look at the following examples:

  • We’re tired. Can we stop running?
  • I’m bored. Let’s play cards.
  • I was surprised to see her.

-ing adjectives

-ing adjectives are used to talk about the things that produce these feelings. Check the examples below:

  • Running is very tiring. We don’t want to run.
  • This film is very boring. Let’s play cards.
  • Her visit was very surprising. We weren’t expecting her.