have got – form

have got

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have got (British English) = have (American English)


  • I‘ve got a car. = I have a car.
  • I haven’t got a car. = I don’t have a car.
  • Have you got a car? = Do you have a car?


Be careful with this common mistake!

The verb have got only has a present form (NOT past).

  • I had a car. (NOT had got)
  • I didn’t have a car. (NOT hadn’t got)
  • Did you have car? (NOT Had you got)


have got – use


Possession, family


  • She‘s got a nice apartment.
  • Have you got a computer?
  • I haven’t got any brothers or sisters.




  • I‘ve got a headache.
  • She‘s got a cold.


Physical descriptions


  • He‘s got brown hair and a long nose.
  • They‘ve got blue eyes.