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  • Parts of the body

    In this A1 Elementary Vocabulary Lesson, you will learn 20 different parts of the human body. Check the pictures and read the sentences below.

    Illustration of human body parts with labels for A1 English vocabulary learning.

    1 When you say “yes”, you move your head up and down.

    2 You see with your eyes.

    3 You hear with your ears.

    4 You smell with your nose.

    5 You use your mouth to eat and talk.

    6 You kiss with your lips.

    7 You chew food with your white teeth.

    8 You taste the food and wet your lips with your tongue.

    9 Your neck is below your head.

    10 Your shoulders are between your neck and arms.

    11 Your arms go from your shoulders to your hands.

    12 You grab and hold things with your hands.

    13 You have five fingers on each hand.

    14 Your chest is the front part of your body, between your stomach and neck.

    15 When you eat, the food goes to your stomach.

    16 You carry a backpack on your back.

    17 You walk with your two legs.

    18 Your knees are in the middle of your legs.

    19 You wear shoes on your feet.

    20 You have five toes on each foot.