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Common Things – Pictures

Look and these pictures of some common things that are part of our daily lives.

Infographic of 20 common items including a house, car, bicycle, book, and more for A1 English vocabulary learning.

Common Things – Sentence examples

Now read the sentence examples below.

I live in a big 1 house with my family.

He drives an expensive 2 car.

I ride my 3 bike in the park.

I like to read a 4 book in bed.

I use a 5 pen to write at school.

I write and draw in my 6 notebook.

I carry my books in a 7 backpack.

I wear a 8 watch on my wrist.

I use a 9 computer to play games.

I often watch 10 TV.

My grandmother wears 11 glasses.

I sometimes wear yellow 12 shoes.

I have money in my 13 wallet.

This 14 key opens my front door.

I use my  15 mobile phone to text and send emails.

I put on my 16 headphones to listen to music.

I always take my 17 umbrella when it rains.

We need a 18 passport to travel.

I wear a 19 hat on sunny days.

I drink water from a 20 bottle.