We are working on this!

We are currently working on a NEW LEARNING PLATFORM that will offer you a SUBSCRIPTION plan with extra features at a very affordable price.

What new features?

Track your progress

Track your learning journey with reports and charts that will show you your progress.


Download our tests

If you feel like using pen and paper, download any of our tests in pdf files and print them out.


Get rid of ads

With subscriptions, we can take all the ads out and give you a better experience.


Enjoy a better design

Without ads, we can use all the space for our tests and resources, and improve our design. 


Earn badges

Achieve goals, earn badges and stay motivated so your learning can happen faster.


And more to come!

Our journey does not end here, as we will work hard to bring you more, and more features.

Will our materials still be FREE?

Don't worry! All of our online materials will continue to be 100% FREE! But many of you have been asking for extra features these past few years, and now we can bring them to you!

When will it be READY?

We expect to launch our brand-new subscription platform in a few months.

Follow us on one of our social media channels, and stay tuned!