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  • Sport

    In this Intermediate Vocabulary Lesson about Sport, you will learn about about the various people involved in sports, the places where sports are played, and the common verbs and verb phrases used to describe sporting actions and events. Check the explanation to familiarize yourself with the expressions before doing the exercises.

    Exercise 1

    Choose the correct option for each gap.

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    1 The baseball player tried to _____ the ball as far as possible.
    2 The tennis match was closely monitored by the _____.
    3 After school, the basketball team practiced in the _____.
    4 Skiers went down the snowy _____ in the mountains.
    5 The football game was held in a large _____.


  • Sport

    In this Intermediate Vocabulary Lesson about Sport, you will learn about the various people involved in sports, the places where sports are played, and the common verbs and verb phrases used to describe sporting actions and events. Check the pictures below and read the definitions and sentence examples below.

    Educational chart of sports vocabulary with images for B1 English lesson.

    People in sport

    1 The crowd or spectators are the people who watch a sports event.

    • The crowd cheered loudly when the team scored a goal.

    2 Fans are people who enthusiastically follow and support a particular sport, team, or player.

    • Thousands of fans gathered in the city to celebrate their victory.

    3 The players are the individuals who participate in a sports game or event.

    • The players shook hands after the match as a sign of sportsmanship.

    4 A team is a group of players working together in a sport.

    • The team practiced every evening for their big game.

    5 The goalkeeper is the player in sports like football (soccer) and hockey who guards the goal.

    • The goalkeeper made an amazing save during the final minutes of the match.

    6 The manager or coach is the person who trains and directs the team.

    • The coach gave a motivational talk to the players at halftime.

    7 A referee is an official who enforces the rules in sports like football, basketball, and boxing.

    • The referee blew the whistle to signal the end of the match.

    8 An umpire is an official who enforces the rules in sports like tennis, baseball, and cricket.

    • The umpire shouted, “Out!”

    9 Linesmen are officials in certain sports who help the main referee by indicating when the ball goes out of play or when players are offside.

    • The linesman raised his flag to indicate an offside.

    Sports facilities and places

    10 A stadium is a large structure or arena with seats for spectators, where sports events are held.

    • The stadium was filled with excited fans for the championship game.

    11 The pitch is the area of ground where a game, such as football, cricket or hockey, is played.

    • The football players ran onto the pitch as the game began.

    12 A court is a playing area for sports like basketball, volleyball, or tennis.

    • The players entered the tennis court for the final match.

    13 A (golf) course is the area where golf is played.

    • The golfers walked across the course to the next hole.

    14 A sports hall or gymnasium is a building or room designed and equipped for indoor sports, exercise, or physical education.

    • The students gathered in the sports hall for the basketball tournament.

    15 An (athletics or racing) track is a circular or oval path for running, cycling, or motor racing.

    • The runners lined up on the track for the 100-meter race.

    16 A ski piste or slope is a marked path or area on a mountain for skiing.

    • Skiers enjoyed going down the amazing ski pistes.

    Verbs for talking about sport

    Vocabulary picture chart action verbs and phrases related to sport for B1 English lesson.

    1 If you win a match or competition, you are better than your opponents.

    • When she won the race, her team celebrated their victory.

    2 When you beat or defeat someone in a game or contest, you perform better than them.

    • He beat his opponent in the final set of the tennis match.

    3 In a game or competition, if a person or team draws with another one, or if two people or teams draw, they have the same number of points or goals at the end of the game.

    • England and Italy drew one-one.

    4 If you break a record, you do better than the previously best score or time.

    • She broke the record for the fastest 100-meter sprint.

    5 When you hold a record, you maintain the highest score or time in a sport until someone else breaks it.

    • The swimmer has held the world record for the 200-meter freestyle for three years.

    6 When you score goals, points, or baskets, you gain goals, points, or baskets.

    • He scored the winning goal in the last minute of the game.

    7 If you get injured, you hurt yourself while playing or practicing a sport.

    • She got injured during the football match and had to leave the field.

    8 When you warm up, you do exercises to prepare your body for more intense physical activity.

    • Before the race, the runners warm up to avoid injuries.

    9 If you get fit, you improve your physical condition through exercise and healthy living.

    • He started jogging every day to get fit.

    10 When you are sent off in a sport, you are made to leave the game as a penalty for breaking the rules.

    • The player was sent off for arguing with the referee.

    11 If you throw a ball, you propel it with your hand or arm.

    • The quarterback threw the football to his teammate.

    12 When you hit a ball, you make contact with it, typically with a bat or racket.

    • She hit the tennis ball across the court.

    13 If you pass a ball, you send it to a teammate.

    • He passed the basketball to his teammate, who was open for a shot.

    14 When you kick a ball, you strike it with your foot.

    • The soccer player kicked the ball towards the goal.

    15 If you head a ball, you hit it with your head.

    • The player headed the ball into the goal from the corner kick.

    16 When you catch a ball, you stop and hold a ball that has been thrown, kicked, or hit towards you.

    • The baseball player caught the ball, and the batter was out.

    After completing the exercises in this lesson on Sport, you can use the unit’s Vocabulary Flascards to revise and help you memorize the terms.

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